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Year of the Asian Reading Challenge 2020

I'm signing up for Year of the Asian Reading Challenge 2020! Check my TBR out in this post!


Tweet Cute Review

Author:Emma Lord
Publication Date: January 21st 2020

Tagged for: b/b side characters, Indian side character

Trope:rivals to lovers, “we anonymously fall for each other but in real life we hate each other”, frenemis to best friends

What happens when two teenagers become a social media specialist for their respective family business social media accounts? Yes, you expect a lot of unprofessional things going on there, which actually sums Tweet Cute whole situation. The conflict started when Big League’s Burger (Pepper’s family business) “steals” a small but well-known Girl Cheesing (Jack’s family business)’s menu. It only takes a tweet for Twitter to becomes the two companies’ battlefield.


We Are the Ants Review

Author:Shaun David Hutchinson
Publication Date: January 16th 2016

Tagged for Latinx rep, lgbt rep, mental health.

Meet Henry Denton, a guy who has 144 days to decide if the world was worth saving. After everything that happened in his life—his parents divorced, his boyfriend committed suicide, his best friend left him, he is an easy target for bullies—Henry weighs his decision carefully. He does think the world isn’t worth saving, but what if it is?